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Last updated: 6/23/2019

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Gerolamo Scarsello (Bologna, 1624-after 1678)

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Scarsello was active in Bologna during the second half of the seventeenth century. His print oeuvre includes only six etchings, all after Guido Reni and Giovanni Andrea Sirani, Guido's successor as the leading Bolognese painter.

Bibliography: John T. Spike, ed.,The Illustrated Bartsch 42: Italian Masters of the Seventeenth Century: Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, Simone Cantarini, Giovanni Andrea Sirani, Elisabetta Sirani, Lorenzo Loli, Monogrammist CpP, Giovannni Battista Bolognini, Luigi Scaramuccia, Matteo Borboni, Francesco Providoni, Domenico Ambrogi, called Menghino del Brizio, Pier Francesco Mola, Giovannni Battista Mola, Flaminio Torri, Domenico Santi, called Il Mengazzino, Domenico Maria Canuti, Alessandro Badiale, Antonio Triva, Girolamo De' Rossi, Giovannni Battista Zani, Lorenzo Tinti, Giacomo Gallinari, Gerolamo Scarsello, Pietro Bettini, Antonio Maria Monti, Alessandro Grimaldi, Benedetto Gennari, Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (NY: Abaris Books, 1981).
Gerolamo Scarsello (Bologna, 1624-after 1678), Three Cupids (Bartsch 5, first state; the second state is inscibed "Guid inuent". Etching after Guido Reni, c. 1670. Very good impression of the first state of this rare print on laid paper. The second state is isinscribed "Guid inuent" (i.e., Guido Reni made the drawing from which the print was made). Ex. collection John Postle Heseltine (L. 1508). Newly cleaned; 4 small staints to the right of the center Cupid. Image size: 147x195mm. Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.
Saturn (Bartsch 2). Etching after G. A. Sirani, Maltese Cross watermark on thin laid paper. Giovanni Andrea Sirani (Bologna, 1610-1670) opened a school after the death of Guido Reni (Bologna, 1575-1642); his daughter Elisabetta was his chief pupil. Ours is a very good impression of this rare work. Image size: 187x141mm. Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.
Fortuna (Bartsch 6 i/ii). Etching after Guido Reni, c. 1670. Scarsello appears to have been attracated to the works of Guido Reni, the leading painter in Bologna after the death of the Carracci. Ex. collection John Postle Heseltine (L. 1508). There is another impression in the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, San Francisco. The image itself is 223x178mm. Image size: 273x193mm. Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.

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