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Welcome to Spaightwood Galleries

120 Main Street, PO Box 1193, Upton MA 01568-6193

for questions, E-mail us at or call 1-800-809-3343 (1-508-529-2511 in Upton & vicinity).

For directions and visiting information, please call. We are, of course, always available over the web and by telephone (see above for contact information, past shows, and links to artists). For a visual tour of the gallery, please click here.

Last updated: 6/23/2019

Spaightwood Galleries Presents the Last Picture Show (in Wisconsin):
A Few of our Favorite Things (and Some New Favorites)
24 April 2004 until we move in November 2004.
When we thought about our farewell to Madison, we thought that we would focus on some of our favorite works from Durer to the present (including some stunning sixteenth and seventeenth century Italian, Flemish, and Dutch drawings we recently acquired), but as the show went up on the wall, it was clear that we had far too many favorites, so we put up this show instead. The show features some new works, including a large and beautiful drawing by Giulio Romano, the only artist Shakespeare ever mentions by name in one of his plays, a stunning drawing by Eva Gonzales, Manet’s only pupil, a very powerful artist who died in childbirth, and a pastel by Andre Barbier, Monet’s friend. Except for the works by Giulio Romano, Eva Gonzales, and four Rembrandts, however, most of the show deals with our favorite 20th-century artists, including Josef Albers, Pierre Alechinsky, Joan Gardy Artigas, Francis Bacon, Ernst Barlach, Jim Bird, Louise Bourgeois, Jonna Rae Brinkman (three stunning canvases done on 9/11 from her studio across the East River from the World Trade Center), Mary Cassatt (as a Mother’s Day treat), Marc Chagall, Louisa Chase, Sue Coe, Willem De Kooning, Jim Dine, Otto Dix, Suzanne Duchamp, Leonor Fini (a rather ambiguously erotic watercolor of two women), Richard Florsheim, Jean-Louis Forain, Helen Frankenthaler, Claude Garache, Paul Gauguin, Alberto Giacometti, George Grosz, Erich Heckel, John Himmelfarb, Margot Humphries, Jasper Johns, Franz Maria Jansen, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Paul Klee, Oscar Kokoschka (featuring himself and Alma Mahler as a new Adam and Eve), Kathe Köllwitz, Wifredo Lam, Lois Lane, Manel Lledos, Henri Matiss, Joan Miró, Joan Mitchell, Berthe Morisot, Robert Motherwell, Louise Nevelson, Emil Nolde, Claes Oldenberg, Max Pechstein, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Georges Rouault, Rudolf Schlichter, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Ottomar Stanke, Antoni Tàpies, Gérard Titus-Carmel (whose early prints, drawings, and collages we have been buying recently), and Susanne Valadon. If we begin replacing pieces that sell, we may be able to show more pieces, including works by Appel, Jennifer Bartlett, Eduardo Chillida, Corneille, Sonia Delaunay, Andre Derain, Sam Gilliam, Philip Pearlstein, Judy Pfaff, Asger Jorn, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Larry Rivers, James Rosenquist, Betye Saar, Hollis Sigler, Kiki Smith, Joan Snyder, Pat Steir, Dorothea Tanning, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Bram van Velde, Maurice de Vlaminck, and Andy Warhol, but that’s up to visitors. We hope to see as many of you as possible so that we can say our goodbyes properly, though you will always be welcome to visit us in our beautiful new building, an 1874 ex-Unitarian Church in Upton MA, or via our website at

Spaightwood Galleries, located in Madison Wisconsin (until August 2004, when we will move into our beautiful new site in Upton Massachusetts—click for exterior views), came into being in 1980. Now almost twenty-four years later we have an inventory of over 9000 works, most on paper, ranging from the late fifteenth century to the present. In the days to come we will continue to add pages (currently we have almost) and illustrations (currently over 3500) to this site, but the best way to find out what we have will be to e-mail us ( or call us for more information. By clicking on the link for Recent Exhibitions, you can get a sense of the shows we have put on at the gallery since the end of 2000 when we launched this site. For those who find indexing by show a bit cumbersome to negotiate, we offer a start at a more comprehensive alphabetical listing, divided into artists born before 1800 and those born after. As usual, the presence of a link means you can click through to the image(s) or page(s); the absence of a link indicates that we have not yet photographed the work(s) of that artist in our inventory, but we would be happy to do so on request as time permits. Click for Artists listing. For a profile on Andy and Sonja Weiner, the co-owners of Spaightwood Galleries, click here. For a visual tour of our new Upton Gallery space in the former Unitarian Church, click here.

Spaightwood Galleries, Inc.

To purchase, call us at 1-800-809-3343 (1-508-529-2511 in Upton MA & vicinity) or send an email to We accept AmericanExpress, DiscoverCard, MasterCard, and Visa.
For directions and visiting information, please call. We are, of course, always available over the web and by telephone (see above for contact information). Click the following for links to past shows and artists. For a visual tour of the gallery, please click here. For information about Andy Weiner and Sonja Hansard-Weiner, please click here. For a list of special offers currently available, see Specials.
Visiting hours: flexible. Call for availablility. Browsers and guests are welcome.
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We do not share information with any third party except the bank that processes our credit card transactions. We do not keep credit card information on our computer.