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Antoni Tàpies (Spanish, b. 1923): Remembering who we are.

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Heroic Poetry: Brinkman / Frankenthaler / Miró / Mitchell / Motherwell / Nevelson
Etching in Brown and Burnt-Sienna (Galfetti 82). Original color etching and embossing, 1962. 50 signed and numbered impressions for the deluxe edition of Blau Bonet's Tàpies, one of the first major studies of the artist. A beautiful example of Tàpies' early etching style. Rare. Image size: 218x125mm. Price: SOLD
El pa a la barca (Galfetti 55). Original color lithograph, 1963. 40 signed & numbered impressions (of which this is one) plus 70 unigned impressions for the livre d'artiste published by Editeur Sala Gaspar, Barcelona. Printed by Damia Kaus, Barcelona on Velin Guarro watermarked "Tàpies." Image size: 315x210mm. Price: $1900.
Paroles Peintes (Galfetti 236). Original color etching, 1970. 50 signed and numbered impressions plus 200 unsigned impressions (of which ours is one) for the deluxe artists' portfolio, Paroles Peintes IV. There were also 35 signed and numbered impressions with wide margins reserved for the artist. Image size: 304x235mm. Price: $2250.
Composition in Red, Gray, and Black (Galfetti 264). Original color lithograph, 1971. 100 signed & numbered impressions plus 25 signed HC impressions on Velin Alfa-Guarro paper. There is also an edition of 725 unsigned impressions on paper with no margins for an exhibition catalogue. Ours is one of the 100 signed and numbered impressions. Printed by La Poligrafa in Barcelona; published by Sala Pelares, Palma de Mallorca. Image size: 260x260mm. Price: SOLD.
Drei reden I (Galfetti 666). Original color lithograph, 1977. 75 signed and numbered impressions (of which ours is 49/75) plus 425 unsigned impressions for the covers of a book on Tàpies. Image size: 217x166mm. Price: $2275.
Drei reden II (Galfetti 667). Original lithograph, 1977. 75 signed and numbered impressions (of which ours is 49/75) plus 425 unsigned impressions for the covers of a book on Tàpies. Image size: 217x166mm. Price: $1750.
Etiquette (Galfetti 720). Original color lithograph, 1979. 75 signed and numbered impressions, of which ours is 57/75. Image size: 383x450mm. Price: $2500.

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