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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Aaron Bohrod (American, 1907-1994)

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"Aaron Bohrod was an American artist who was nationally known in his lifetime. He was the subject of frequent exhibitions and gallery shows in various locations, generally focusing on a particular chronological period of his artistic production. The recipient of numerous prizes and awards (including two Guggenheims and the purchase prize at the "Artists for Victory" exhibition of 1942-43 at the Metropolitan Museum in New York), he was both proficient and prolific as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and as an illustrator. In addition, he was the author of several books on art and an autobiography.

"Although he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League in New York with a number of well-known and influential teachers, the one who exerted the most profound influence on him was John Sloan, who taught him to value both the Old Masters and the visual reality of the urban American scene. Bohrod returned to Chicago after studying with Sloan in New York "determined to do in my own way with my own city what Sloan had done with New York" (A Decade of Still Life, p. 5). Bohrod's stylistic development has been typically characterized in terms of his early relationship to the gritty urban realism of the Ashcan School with which Sloan was associated and his later magic realism style with its virtuoso and meticulous technique and witty visual repartee, almost as if they were two separate and unrelated developments. Although his own description of the origins of his unique still life approach in his autobiographical book, A Decade of Still Life, may have guided critics to look at his oeuvre in this way, a closer assessment reveals clear connections between the earlier and later periods. Before 1940, for example, he had created a prototype of the still lifes that were to become his hallmark. By the mid 1950s, he began to dedicate himself to the creation of paintings that are by turns resonant, mysterious, evocative and humorous. The studied and careful detail of the bricks on the buildings foreshadow the care that Bohrod will lavish on each of the carefully observed and realized objects in his later still lifes, while the anecdotal detail predicts the accumulation of objects on which his later work depends. The polished and masterful technique of this later work also suggests the Old Masters to whom he was introduced by Sloan."

Susan S. Weininger
Professor of Art History
Roosevelt University
Chicago Illinois

Selected Bibliography: Aaron Bohrod: A Decade of Still Life (Madison: UW Press, 1966); Thomas H. Garver, Aaron Bohrod: Paintings, 1965-1980 (Madison, WI: Madison Art Center, 1980)
Nude in the studio. Pen and ink and colored washes, 1933. Signed lower right. Illustrated on page 13 of Aaron Bohrod: A Decade of Still Life (published by the UW Press in 1966). Bohrod's early style locates him with the Regionalists, if a bit more edgy, thanks to a certain hint of German Expressionism in his drawing. His later style moved to tromp l'oeuil. He also executed many paintings and lithographs. Bohrod succeeded John Steuart Curry as Artist in Residence at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Image size: 270x215mm. Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.

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