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Last updated: 6/23/2019
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Antonio Saura (Spanish, 1930-1998)

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Antonio Saura's artistic career began with an interest in the Surrealist movement, but a meeting with André Breton in Paris during the mid 1950s combined with political unrest in Spain to move him towards a much more expressionist style that led him to feel more at home with members of the COBRA group. He was included in exhibitions of the Situationist group (with whom Alechinsky, Appel, Corneille, and Jorn also exhibited), and his art became more political in protest against the Franco regime. He was one of the founders of the El Paso group, which popularized Art Informel in Spain. He won the Guggenheim Prize in 1960 and the Carnegie Prize in 1964. His work has been shown in museums and galleries in the U.S. and Europe; his principal one-person shows include such venues as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid (1956), Galerie Stadler, Paris (1957 & 1979), Falerie Van de Loo, Munich (1959), Pierre Matisse Gallery, NY (1961), the Stedelijk Museum, Eindhoven (1963), the Rotterdamsche Kunsling (1963), the Musée de Buenos Aires (1963), the Musée de Rio de Janeiro (1963), the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1964), the Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden (1964), the Kunsthallen, Göteborg (1964), Institute of Contempory Art, London (1965), Galerie Maeght, Barcelona (1975 & 1984), and the Abbaye de Sénanque, Gordes (1985), among others.
Bibliography: General works: Allbright-Knox Art Gallery, Contemporary Art 1942-72 (NY: Praeger, 1973); Artstudio 14, Espagne: Deux Générations (Paris: 1989); José Ayllón, Antonio Saura (Barcelona: Gustavo Gili, 1969); Georges Boudaille, Saura (Cimaise, 11967); Rudy Chiappini, Antonio Saura (Lugano: Museo d'Arte Moderna, 1995); Juan Eduardo Cirlot, La obra de Antonio Saura (Barcelona: Cuadernos de Arquitectura, 1960); Gérard de Cortanze, Antonio Saura (Paris: Editions De La Difference, 1994); Gérard de Cortanze, Saura: Peintures (Paris: L'Autre Musee, 1990); Fondation Maeght, L'art vivant 1965-1968 (St Paul: Fondation Maeght, 1968); Raomer Michael Mason, Antonio Saura: Peintures 1956-1985 (Geneve: Editions du Tricorne, 1989); Sir Roland Penrose, Saura (London: Institute of Contempory Art, 1966); Yvon Taillandier, Saura (NY: Pierre Matisse Gallery, 1964).
Prints: Mariuccia Galfetti, Antonio Saura: Les Estampes, 1958-1984 (Paris: Daniel Lelong editeur, 1985).
L'Année de la Meduse. Original color lithograph, 1981. 90 signed and numbered impressions. Image size: 750x1100mm. Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.
Superposicion (G. 194). Original color lithograph, 1975. 100 signed and numbered impressions. Image size: 775x540mm (irregular borders). Price: Please call or email for current pricing information.

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