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Jonna Rae Brinkman: Paintings on canvas IV: 9/11

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On 9/11/01, Jonna Rae Brinkman woke up and tried to make a call on her cell phone. Getting no signal, she decided to go up to the roof of her Brooklyn studio across the river from the World Trade Center. She reached the roof just as the second plane hit and, being an artist, she did the only thing she could: she began painting. For the next three weeks, when she wasn't walking over to the site, she painted, trying to make sense of what she saw. We will be adding paintings to this page over the next few weeks as time permits until we have a large selection of the works she did during those grief-filled days.
9/11 Series: I just went to the store. Oil on canvas, 2004. Image size: 18x14 in. Price: $2000.
9/11 Series: Which end is up? Oil on canvas, 2001. Image size: 24x18 in. Price: $3000.
9/11 Series: My skies end up at ground 0. Oil on canvas, 2003. Image size: 24x20 in. Price: SOLD.
9/11 Series: Self-Portrait: War within. Oil on canvas, 2004. Image size: 20x16 in. Price: $2000.
9/11 Series: Salvation's twisted elocution. Oil on canvas, 2001. Image size: 15-1/2 x 20 in. Price: $1800.
9/11 Series: My sky, your promise, our hope. Oil on canvas, 2005. Image size: 12x18 in. Price: $1800.
9/11 Series: No pepper, just mango. Oil on canvas, 2004. Image size: 19x19 in. Price: $2000.
Climbing to the rooms he has prepared for us. Oil on canvas, 2004. Image size: 22x24 in. Price: SOLD.

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