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Last updated: 1/25/2017
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Jonna Rae Brinkman: Paintings on canvas II

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Thank you Coney Island: Homage to Helen Frankenthaler. Oil on canvas, 2000. Image size: 40x40 in. Price: $3500.
Fuggedabowdt da sweda, I'm in fow lanes of traffikk heah. Oil on canvas, 1999. Image size: 40x40 in. Price: $3800.
Exit into the boy's sky. Oil on canvas, 2000. Image size: 26x26 in. Price: SOLD.
Camera-shy messenger. Oil on canvas, 2000. Image size: 30x24 in. Price: $2500.
Happily ever after in California. Oil on canvas, 2000. Image size: 20x54 in. Price: $2500.
The texture of honesty. Oil on canvas, 2000. Image size: 24x30 in. Price: SOLD.

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